Three weeks after presenting his letter of accreditation to the Togolese President Faure Gnassingbé, the new Nigerian Ambassador, His Excellency ADEBOWALE ADESINA (photo) grants an interview to the news Agency called “ Corps Diplomatic Togo”.  He expresses here the main lines of his mission, his vision concerning the cooperation between Nigeria and Togo, his vision for Africa.

We let our readers discover.

Good morning His Excellency and thank you for approving our request of interview. First of all, let us thank God and especially the President BUHARI, who has chosen you as His personal and Nigerian people Representative in Togo. Please Excellency, can you tell us your feelings when you heard about your appointment?

Thanks you very much. Let me introduce myself, as the Nigerian Ambassador to Togo. But before that, I remain your colleague, because I was a journalist. There is no better honor, that can happen to any man or woman, then that has been called upon his or her country. So I'm extremely grateful to President Buhari, to the vice president, to the members of the National Assembly, who declared me for this assignment. I didn't expect it. I was extremely elated. I was extremely honored to have been so chosen. Because I remember the day vividly, I was just in my bedroom. When I woke up, I saw so many calls from my colleagues of the media. And I was squired. I was in vacation from my job then and that was my way out of the job. So what I saw because I call it feel them back. And so your name doesn't read on the floor of the Nigerian National Assembly and the Senate. So once again, I was pleasantly surprised and grateful to our leaders in Nigeria, beginning with the President himself, beginning with our leaders and political party.  We're really beginning you know, members of the National Assembly will consider the chair worthy to cleared for this poster, once again, when the emission course due to polls, when you are called common sublimation. It's humbling. It is prestigious, but at the same time, it is something that was will do to your heart. They asked for 50 million people, for three ambassadors. And for one to be named, as one of this one. You can I ask Almighty God for more grateful to the nation will for years and give to the president unnecessarily pledge as I did them.  I'm doing now and I will do my best to advance the cause of Nigeria. And of course, we have a better relationship between Nigeria. We are brothers. We are cousins. We are lovers, so and it's not something that started yesterday, I think in all of West Africa, the revolution between to where Nigeria is deeper than there is between my do any of the country to the best of my knowledge. So my duty, my desire, my vision, is to make sure that that depth of relationship and brotherhood, that friendship that love continues to grow leaps and bounds.

 A press man appointed as Ambassador, it is not frequent. What made it possible?

(Laughing …….). I like that. First of all, I’m not exactly the rabid religious person, but I'm a believer in the hands of the  Almighty. The Almighty Lord orders each and every one of our steps in life. So this has been his daughter through the grace that he stood upon, by the way. And many of our leaders across the Nigeria said I was very surprised when I was growing up. May be it was some kind of appointment with the minister, may be this may be that they'd be, I wouldn't be this one. I'm surprised because I sincerely believe it was God, who laid it in his heart, and the heart of ideas, who saw something in me and said, come and go and do this for the country. So it's really to have joy. And I will celebrate it everyday. But I believe that the best revision I believe, the best that I can do, it's never been done before and foremost, between the years and send it to Nigerian and Togolese people, who, even more and more robust than we've ever had it. So once again, I'm ready I'm referring to the president Buhari, for giving me this opportunity. And I'm also grateful to all of you, my colleagues of the media, our people in our districts who have received me with so much expectation, and with so much joy and love. So I pray, I pray, I won't disappoint anybody. I pray that my trailblazing appointment will then make it possible for us to know that when you see people who are journalists, they have to master all, many subjects. So to say, this is a chance to prove that it is only journalists who can report about sport, who can report about medicine and so on. So they need to master everything. It's a chance to show it now as Ambassador.  The President Faure Gnassingbe received me and promised to be quite cooperative. He is quite warm to me since I went to his palace a few weeks ago. And I sincerely hope that I will show the cost of Togolese people and the cost of Nigerian people along the mission.

His Excellency, what are the man lines of your mission in Togo?

The first is, as I said, for advancing the cause of Nigerian people and be published as one of the same people. And of course, not the possibly African people, not the cause of the West African region. We have a very good region. Yeah. You see, I don't know too many places in the world, where the regional position is as strong as level was. I do not know too many countries who have the kind of relationship that we have between Nigeria and Togo. Our founding fathers founded ECOWAS. So they bestowed on us and they bequeath it to us, a very strong religion. If the black man is not to make progress in life is good to be respected in life. It has to be out of unity and cooperation of the African people. There are no two sets of people in the world. In the Caribbean, we're in America, we're in Australia, and on the continent, we said, if you are an African, you are an African. And I believe that is the vision of our founding fathers, when they decide to begin this incremental integration or call it let's be united in the West. Let's get better across Africa. Let's get over the world. The African house is a first rate human being the compassion, the fellow feeling is very native for Africa. We look out for each other. We are each other's keeper. We are sisters keepers, we are brothers keepers. And it does not matter what color your skin is. The African sees the brother, a friend, his sister, everyone in everyone. So that is why I'm here. But not because of politics, but not the cause of a trip. Here, I mean economy, I mean  prosperity, very spread all over west Africa, all over Africa and all over the world.

 There is a great community of Nigeria in Togo, what is your message to  them?

First and foremost what are the major challenge we all face? That's the only countries problem in Africa is illegal migration.   Africa is home for all Africans. Nigeria is home to all Africans, Africa is home to every Togolese. Nigeria is home to every Togolese. But let us do it properly. I know that they like come to Nigeria. And because of that, if you have to, in order for you, there was someone, your employer forgot his name. Now, your second home is that place where when you need to go in, they don't have a choice to open the door for you. So there are two ways to go in.  And treat every part of Togo like our home. You keep it, you maintain it, you clean it up, you make it better. So that our children may not even know that this is just a sample, as far as it concerned. In Nigeria, the best of my knowledge, we may have some challenge. And they have found home in Togo, joined hands to Togolese, brothers and sisters and built prosperity, so that when it is prosperous for us in Togo, we have prosperity in Nigeria, and when we have prosperity  in Nigeria, prosperity comes back home to Togo, on both sides of the divide and then we keep it for generations to come,  when it will be asked to you, where are you from? A little bit in order to say, I’m a Nigerian Togolese and Togolese Nigerian. That is my vision. That's my desire and that's my crave.

In Togo, we have African ambassadors’group.  Have you already met them?

I’m already in touch with my colleagues from the african continent and all over the world.  But because, as you know, you have presented them my letter of opinion and in diplomatic norms, we are not allowed to jump on what we have to say, and we have to be careful. Otherwise, I'm in touch with my colleagues, my brothers and sisters. We are one group here and one of the things that I think I hope we'll do is to see whether we can drive the very cool Africa to progress from all of us. We'll see what we can do to make Africa continue to make humanity, you know, progress, as we all desire. So I already talked with everybody, we will have a formal meeting, we will do so, anytime soon. Every one of us, I believe that we are set for very, very, very good things for the continent of Africa. You see, one of the things that I find enjoyable, and rectifying on this job, is the problem of the African leaders. I don't know of anyone who does not share the vision of making Africa, the frontline continent. We all listen well abroad, as well as everybody is committed to make in Africa, the envy of the world. And that's our duty here, as Ambassadors, and along the way, we're going to need all of you to come with us. When we don't move fast. I will expect to do much on our toes. And then the precised hours, the number of labor hours, but the objective, try and understand the terrain in which you walk. Yeah. We want everybody to be happy. We want food at the tip of everybody. We want interaction with people in any town. The Togolese Foreign Affairs’ Minister, M. DUSSEY  is my brother, he’s my friend, he is the wonderful. He gives me all the support I need. He gives me all the advice that I can get. And then of course, people have told me because of distance. I don't even feel I am out of Nigeria. I feel. We will make this work for our people. We have to share the same vision of one Africa.

His Excellency, can you tell us the duration of your mission in Togo?  

I’m in this office of my president, President Muhammadu  Buhary. It has pleased him to send me here today. I don't know where he would send me tomorrow. So, I can't claim to have any precision concerning the duration.  All that depends on his personal memory.  I'm doing what he asked me to do, which is to foster a good relationship between Nigeria and Togo and to lead magnet prosperous, and whenever we can, and bring to his attention, everything that we need to do to assist each other. I will once, continue to do that, I don't fall in that. He just likes take me here he wants tomorrow.  Only God knows what he just said to do with me.  I'm grateful for that.

  His Excellency, what will be your final words?  

For me, well, there's not help say, except to say that all of us,  as citizens over different countries, and as believers in the Almighty God, you we owe ourselves a duty to look out for each other. We must look at each other. By looking out for each other, let's cooperate with our leaders First, we need to allow them to do my leaders, not only those in government, you agree those who have to commit, even those who are in opposition and in churches, and the mock let us, look at each other for the sake of those of them out there rather than certain who don't have the voice that you have. So we have young voices. And the only way we can do this will work for a democratization and  prosperity. Everybody belongs, everybody walks, everyone is prosperous, everybody's happy. When Nigerians are happy, Togolese are happy. When women are happy, men are happy. And that's why I can see the number of persons the attention to women respect. And the future of Africa as I said, at my inauguration belongs in our women. They work very hard. They  plays a lot of the carriers, yes, they were multitasking, the future of Africa belongs to our women  those cars with the examples that I've seen in my country, and in Togo, have given ray of power, a leadership, trust in  women, say something that was coming. Apart from that, I use the young people the number the average, imagine live in our people is so much it comes to count. It has to be harnessed, for the good of African people, for the good of Nigerian people, for the good of Togolese people. We may have a few million opportunities for the majority of young men and women. And that disposition is very important for the future of our countries and the future of our continent. So I will say, not just because I'm an optimist by nature, what I've said the evidence for my face, I've been to Davie. I've been to Atakpame, I've been to a few places here and there and I saw positive people. There are possibilities. And I say the word should just be on the watch. Africa is on the rise. That's my opinion. We expect let's just look at something as I work with us Monday, at a 50 megawatts solar power facility. There was nobody erratic whenever I'm talking to these hackers that open our eyes to possibilities, okay, so much. Evil doesn't feel good to be dedicated if you're going to be united, if ever committed to the progress. People don’t need to worry about delivery to this. Where we take our eyes off the big picture. We have, as our future, in together. It is not in the barriers that we are built for ourselves. They should be barriers for progress, they are just, as I said, lines of convenience.

Thank you, Excellency.  Have a good mission.

Oh, that's a real pleasure to have your team in our embassy.


Interview realized by Jean-Baptiste ATTISSO, Eyram AKAKPO  and Kossi KANYI